Thursday, August 6, 2009

Location, location, location.

I've been bouncing around on a few different jobs out in Los Angeles, mainly doing Craft Service and Production Assistant work, and in the little amount of time I've been out here, I've seen some incredible things. I try to snap photos of the locations we are on and I'll share a few here. Enjoy!

These first few are shots from "Mystery Mesa" which is a location about 45 minutes north of Hollywood. Tons of productions go down here, including Iron Man 2, apparently.

The next few are from a shoot out in the Valley, the west side of the Valley, actually. We were in a house that was on the side of a mountain. Check out the infinity pool. So awesome. So expensive.

These last few are from a Nerdcore shoot I did with some friends. I was there just hanging out at this crazy abandoned hospital in East L.A. Apparently it was abandoned in 1991 and used as a location for all kinds of things. From what I understand there was another shoot going on later that night, a FEAR-type show. So, it's probably haunted. Awesome.

I'll try to update with more photos when I visit cool sets. There is always plenty of cool stuff to look at in California.


  1. badass dude, had no clue you weren't in austin

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  3. Realy cool man! good to know that your doing good on california.